❤You R My World!

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Hey! Hello!…My Dear Folks❤

Guys I’m very happy today because Its My Baby Brother’s Birthday! So guys,first of all plzzz drop ur valueable birthday wishes n your precious blessings! for him on comment section….Thank u‼

Ummmmm….Well he’s not so baby anymore😉😜 In fact he is turing …😉😷today and he is grown a bit from the little baby brother I used to drag around everywhere I went…😆 

He is grown up to be a quite the guys; being so passionate about everything he’s involved in,always taking on the challenge head-on, and never giving up…always being so caring and willing to help out his friends whether it’s with academic, hostels or anything else and even when he’s through that I’m a teenager,and I’m so cool phase; still retaining that tender heartedness that he’s always had since he was just a Baby. 

I’m so proud of you little bro!❣ And though You’ll get older, and inevitably change,I hope ur heart never changes! 

I am the blessed sister by the way guys because I have two brother “elder n younger” n both are not only just my brother but also my best buddies ever. Finger Crossed!✌

Having your little brother as your best friend is one of the greatest things that can happen.I could probably write a ten thousand word article about how wonderful our relationship alone is but in the interest of time and my little brother( a man of few words),I thought I would keep it short n sweet.So,here are some reason why having a Baby Brother is literally the Best…⤵

▶I can always be myself with him….This one is bit obvious.We know each other like d back of our hands,so even if I tried to fake it,he would call me out in a heartbeat and not think twice about it.

▶He always has my back….Through thick and thin,baby brother will always have my back.It doesn’t matter what happens (even if it is my fault/very stupid I am certain he will reiterate),he is always going to be there.

▶I have always have someone in my corner supporting me….❣

▶We have someone we each can give and get advice from….Not only do I get to distribute life advice to him but I can get some in return.For him,I may let him know how to handle Bhaiya( Elder Bro)😌🙊😂 when he is in a bad mood, what it is like out in the real world (college,career,living in the new city etc). For me, he could let you know what is actually still hip now a days ( you could very surprised how out of the loop you get when you leave home),Some help readjusting to life back home and some limited advice about guys…no one will ever be good for me in his eyes.

▶He doesn’t sugarcoat anything….No for real,he does not,Even if what he says hurts your feelings,he will give it to you straight bcz he knows you deserve and need to hear the truth,even if it hurts.

▶Despite being younger,he is still protective….Do not get me wrong,I am EXTREMELY( over) protective of my baby brother.You hurt him,I hurt you.That is my job.However,just because he is younger,does not mean he is not protective of you,either Quite the opposite, actually.❤

There ya have it…. Some reasons why having a little brother is the greatest blessing to me.I am pretty darn blessed that my little brother is awesome too.

Thank you So much for joining me…Happy Blogging Guys!  ❌⭕❌⭕

🎂Birthday Boy Name is “JEETU”

Dear God,
            I pray for my brother,Jeetu,as he celebrates his birthday today.Please fill his heart with such happy memories,fill his day with fun and laughter,and his mind with hope for the future.Thank you for giving us each other,please protect and keep him.Help me to be a good sister to him,to encourage and care for him and be there for him.May he walk in your richness, goodness and grace,and know that you are with him always.

I love him so,but I know you love him more.So I trust that your love will follow him always.


From Elder Sister…..Jयोति🙏

I hope you have a wonderful day lil bro! Good luck for ur future…I can’t wait to see you soon! Lots of love n Blessings for you Jeetu.🎂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABU🍻

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63 thoughts on “❤You R My World!

  1. Thank you for sharing your love for your brother and here is my best wish for your brother. May God bless him abundantly!
    ♥♫♪ Happy birthday to you ♪♫, Happy birthday to you ♪♫, Happy birthday dear Jeetu ♪♫, Happy birthday to you ♪♫ ♥ from Miriam

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      1. जी हमारी तो चल रही है जैसे तैसे। आप बताओ कहा थी? फिरसर हिमालया चली गई थी?😂😂

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      2. 😄😄😄 हाँ यार आप इस बारी भी नहीं गए न मेरे साथ…😞😞😞 अकेले जाना पड़ा फिर मुझे..😏😏

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      3. उत्कर्ष चुप कीजिये आप…आपको नहीं पसंद मेरे साथ जाना..😒😒😒 और आपको कब नहीं पूछा…ऐवें हीं लगा लो इल्ज़ाम😥😥

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      4. जाती तोह आप हो, मतलब कांड आप करे और बिल हमपे फाड़े।
        हम तोह वैसे भी नही जाते कही पर।

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      5. जो आपको मिस करते है उनको तोह छोड़ के चली जाती है आप। आपको क्या पता कैसे कटे है यह दिन आपके चाहने वालो ने। मिस करते थे पर बयान कैसे करते? आप तोह थी ही नही।

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      6. 😒😒😒 आ गयी न अब मैं बाबा ऐसे बोल-बोल के रुला हीं दोगे आज तो…लव यू रहेगा सबको!!❤


      7. आ तोह गए हो वादा करो वापस नहीं जाओगी।😛
        और वो “लव यू रहेगा सबको!!” में सबको क्या है?😜😂

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  2. 🎈🎈🎈🎈Aaj aapke iss vishesh din ki tarah aapka har din har pal aaj ki tarah vishesh ho🎊🎊🎉.Har din hasta hua khushiyo se bhara hua ho.Happy Birthday Lil’ Brother🎈🎉🎊🎊 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎂

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  3. जन्मदिवस ये तेरा
    मेरा गौरव बन जाये
    मेरी कविता की हर पंक्ति
    जो तेरे मन को छू जाए
    हर संघर्ष को विराम मिले
    जो पास मेरे तू आये
    हर उलझन को आराम मिले
    भाई जब तू मुस्काये
    जन्मदिवस ये तेरा
    मेरा गौरव बन जाये
    मेरा सपना सच हो जाये
    हर कदम तू मेरे जो साथ धरे
    तेरी इक आवाज मात्र पर
    तेरी बहेन तुझे तैयार मिले
    मेरे हर शुभाशीष से ही तेरा
    जीवन मधु सा मीठा हो जाये
    जन्मदिवस ये तेरा
    मेरा गौरव बन जाये
    (अनुभव तिवारी)
    वैसे मैं आप जैसा तो लिख नहीं सकता पर आपके विचारों को कुछ शब्द देने की कोशिश की है उम्मीद है आप को और आप के भाई को पंसद आएगी।।।।

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    1. Omg….so sweet of you dear..thanks a lot 4 ur lovely creation…और हाँ आप मेरी तरह नहीं लिखते बल्कि बेहतरीन लिखते हैं… Proud of you..☺☺🍫

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  4. Hey
    Wish u a very very happy bday to your bro !
    May God bless him.
    As You discussed your moments ,it reminds me our childhood stories when me and my elder brother used to make pillow fights and doormat fight 😀
    I miss those days .

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