🎂Bro Birthday Bash!

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Best Man Ever~Alok❤

Another One of My Happy days in the year!

To my dearest brother on his birthday…

Now seems like a good time as any to just say thank you.Thank you for always being there for me and for our family when we needed it.you always stood in front of me to protect me…and also stood behind me.you’re the one who is always there to push me when I need it.You gave me an extra boost when I’m sad.You support me with everything, encouraging me to do my best,or even wiping a tear every now and then.You’re like my own personal cheerleader who thinks the best of me whether I’m winning or losing.

When I was born,you gainded the title of big brother and all of the responsibility that went with it.You may have groaned and rolled your eyes more than a few times since then,but you always fulfilled the job and went above and beyond the big brother call of duty.And,because of You,I got some extra bullet point in my life experiences…Mostly,to annoy you to no end,because what else are little sisters for??? You’re never gonna get rid of that.It’s my lifelong job.

when we were little,I still remember how you kept a secret so brittle.You have all that you had,…

To get me something that would make me glad.From a trusted advisor,to biggest supporter…Ohh! I have got everything in just one man.

No matter how much other appulaud,I can never feel happy until I get your nod.Yours are the perfect footsteps that I want to follow. Without you,my life would have been completely hollow.Today,I smile because it’s your’s birthday…you are very special to me in every way.your presence in my life means the world to me,Pain or suffering in ur life,I can never see.I smile when I see you happy and it hurts to see you hurt.

…Party hard today,big bro! You deserve it and much more.I love you to the moon and back,to ifinity and beyond,and although I risk sounding too cliche,with all  my heart.Happy Birthday Bhaiya,and…I pray many more.

Thank you bhaiya for showing me brotherly love.❤

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                                ©2k18~  Jयोति🙏


39 thoughts on “🎂Bro Birthday Bash!

  1. I have no words for this post as i know your feelings and emotions when read the post.
    Warm wishes to your brother and you (the one of the best sister).Loads of love and warm wishes to dear sister and i hope i’ll have a warm revert😛

    Liked by 1 person

      1. See i kept my eyes on your reply..haahaa😅😅
        Aayy hayy😂😂😂
        It will be always a pleasure for me read your blog coming straight from heart( although i don’t need to tell you..right).
        Keep smiling & keep in touch ( remind me also😛)Stay blessed😇👧


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